Application and Prospect of BionicSuperhydrophobic Surface

Super-hydrophobic surface refers to a special wettability surface where the contact angle of the
droplet on the surface is greater than 150°. In recent years, those super-hydrophobic surfaces with
special wettability have caused a research boom due to their unique wetting properties. It has
many excellent properties such as drag reduction, water resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and
has high research and application value in the field of industry and scientific research. Based on
the research progress of biomimetic superhydrophobic materials in recent years, this paper compares

the difference between traditional superhydrophobic material processing methods and
short-pulse laser processing. Taking industrialization as the starting point, this paper introduces
and analyzes the different preparation methods and functions of superhydrophobic materials
from a diversified perspective. The application and potential problems, and the prospects for the
application and development of superhydrophobic materials are systematically discussed.

Bionic, Superhydrophobic, Industrialization, Surface Wettability, Application

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