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A Manfacture Focus on Development and Production Of Nano Coating Solutions

With 16 years of experience in nano coatings develop and supplies, Our company has independent intellectual property rights, an excellent scientific research team and a top management and marketing team with advanced manufacturing equipment. The ZIXILAI scientific research department consists of a Doctoral advisor, Professor and a high-level R&D team that has established a perfect scientific research and testing system that is equipped with the most advanced scientific research equipment and has established a long-term research alliance with more than 20 top domestic universities and research institutions.

What nano technology we develop ?

Nano Super Hydrophobic

Increase the water contact angle,from a water beat. super water repellent,Repel water/mud/ice/snow/stain.

Nano Super

Reduce the water contact angle, from a evenly water film, no water drop,anti-dust,self cleaning,keep clear vision.

NanoTio2 Super Photocatalyst

Strong sterilization >99.99% Decompose organic chemicals, remove ordor and harmful chemicals, air & water purification.

Nano Garphene Technology

A lightest,
nano film material.

Nano Ceramic Technology

From a strong Silicon Protective film like glass to protect the substrate permanently, highest hardness and strong protection.

Nano Anti Fog Technology

A Durable
anti-fog solution,
Any fog free,
totally clear vision.

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