ZXL-9H nano 9H ceramic coating for car protection

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ZIXILAI-9H nano 9h ceramic coating is the latest technology from ZiXiLai Environmental Protection Technology.

Product is a long lasting Nano protective Coating that features a High Gloss finish, Strong Hydrophobic effect, Anti-Grafitti, Anti-dust& mud,Scratch Resistance, Chemical Resistance, UV Resistance, Thermal Resistance, color restoration and self cleaing with water.

Product is 100% clear and transparent like water when it is in the container.After curing, it will turn to a strong SIO2 Protective film like glass to protect the substrate permanently.

It is chemical bond to the material surface and will not wash away or break down.



Coating hardness-ABOVE 9H.

3D Mirror gloss,Deep shine.

Strong Hydrophoic effect & Easy clean.

Color restoration, Old car restore new car.

Corrosion & Oxidation resistance.

Scratch resistance & Abrasion resistance.
UV Resistance & Aging Resistance.
Chemical Resistance & Weather Resistance

Chemical bonding Permanent life / real long lasting protection.


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 9H SGS Test Report  

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 photobank (38).jpgphotobank (64).jpg

 photobank (84).jpg


 photobank (40).jpg


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