ZXL-RAIN Super long lasting water repellent anti-snow and anti-ICE coating for automotive windshield

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ZXL-RAIN Super hydrophobic for automotive windshield

car windshield/bus windshield/airliners windshield..muilt Surface


Detailed Product Description

ZXL-RAIN Nano super hydrophobic coating, independent research and development a new technology in 2023. Product  is a very stable colorless transparent compounds ,can be easily applied through spraying or wiping at normal temperatures and air cure.

Leading UV aging resistance, can real long lasting and perfect work at outdoor surfaces.

Leading Abrasion resistance, can real long lasting and perfect work under heavy abrasive condition.

Leading High tempreature resistance, still bead up 100°C hot water, hydrophobic no change.

Product Standards

PRODUCT NAME Nano Super-hydrophobic  self cleaning coating
Appearance 100% Clear & colourless ,no change Light transmittance
Odor weak Alcohol smell
PH Neutral
Flammability Yes
Environment Environmentally friendly
Stability Stable

Type selection 

Type  Code Price/Liter Abrasive level
A-class ZXL-rain-A usd 50.00 Pass 1000 Times
B-class ZXL-rain-B usd 90.00 Pass 2000 Times
C-class ZXL-rain-C usd 130.00 Pass 3000 Times
E-class ZXL-rain-E usd 170.00 Pass 4000 Times
S-class ZXL-rain-S usd 200.00 Pass 5000 Times


1.The building’s glass,vehicles window glass, decoration glass,shower room glass , mirror…..

2. Car windscreen , train windscreen , airliners windshields

3.Bathroom ceramic, kitchen ceramic, wall ceramic….

4. Painted surface, plastic,textiles,metal …. muilt surface.

5.Solar pv panels .wind turbine blades, radomes.



1. Anti dust , anti-mud ,anti icing ,anti snow, anti-graffiti,….effect.

2. Excellent Wear Resistance, strong wiper resistance.

3. Much Strong UV resistance, Excellent Durability at outdoor.

4More Easy to apply.  

5. Has a self-cleaning effect with rainwater, Keeps glass clean.

6water will simply bead up and run off easy roll off, Improves driving safety in rain .



Suitable for muilt surface:GLASS, CERAMIC , PAINT, Metal,  Plastic, Fabric ….etc.


1L bottle;25 liters drum

photobank (40)


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