ZXL-002S Super NanoTio2 Silver Photocatalyst Coating

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long lasting nanotio2 nanoag nanosliver photocatalytic coating kill bacterial air purification air treatment

Introduction ZiXiLai photocatalyst liquid coating is made by our high photocatalytic efficiency nano titanium dioxide for its main raw aterials. Through the Sol-Gel technology, it is made into colorless, transparent neutral liquid.

In the effect of sunlight orultraviolet light , the electronic (e-) on the valence band can be excited transition to the conduction band and brought acorresponding hole (h +) on the valence band, generating active oxygen and hydroxyl radical with high oxidation whichcan make harmful organics, pollutants odor, bacteria aetc.

Such as: formaldehyde,benzene,xylene,ammonia,TVOC,and so on decomposed into harmless CO2 and H2O.


The product has high- efficiency and broad-spectrum disinfectant performances and can control bacterial cross-infection greatly so as to achieve the goal of controling bacteria and purifying air. Photocatalyst give a reaction place but itself can’t loss and change and no secondary pollution. It is an internationally recognized environmental protection .It has the advantages of durable time, long-term effect, safety, non-toxic and no pollution green products.

Product Standards

Chemical formula ZIXILAI Proprietary Nano TiO2+Ag polymer
Appearance  transparent sol body type & Milky Type
The average particle size distribution  2-3 NM
Formaldehyde/benzene Removal ratio ≥80%( Daylight lamp within 24 hours)
TVOC removal ratio ≥75%( Daylight lamp within 24 hours)
Bacteria removal ratio ≥99.99%( Daylight lamp within 24 hours)
PH Value Neutral  
Crystal Anatase type

Test conditions (Daylight lamp within 24 hours) close to the real life environment.
Work in natural light , No need UV light, ozone machine, Fumigation machine ..etc. 
More efficient & environmental safety , no secondary pollution.



The main functions and features

Comprehensiveness: Photocatalyst can greatly decompose formaldehyde, benzene,toluene, xylene, ammonia,TVOC and other pollutants, and has high-efficiency and broad-spectrum disinfectant performances. It can decompose the toxin releasing from bacteria or fungi and do harmless treatment.

High Photocatalytic efficiency : Made by our high photocatalytic efficiency nano titanium dioxide for its main raw aterials. High photocatalytic efficiency make coating more efficient and work best.

Duration: In the process of reaction, photocatalyst itself doesn’t have any change andconsumption. But in the light,pollutants can be continued decomposed. It has the advantages of time-lasting and sustained role.

Security: Photocatalyst is non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable for human, its final product of the reaction is carbon dioxide and water, no secondary pollution green product.

Efficiency: Photocatalyst can decompose the pollutants that spread in the air under the effect of the inexhaustible solar energy or other lights.

Bactericidal function: anti-virus, anti-bacterial ,anti-mildew kill all kinds of bacteria ,germs, viruses, resolve mould effective.

Deodorization: Photocatalyst can deodorize the smell of cigarettes, toiltes, garbage and the animals.

Self-cleaning: has a self-cleaning function for the objects’ surfaces whatever indoor or outdoor. Anti- greasy dirt, Anti-mould,Anti- maintain clean.

Purification: The purifiction of polluted water and decomposition of the harmful organics in the water.

Anti-UV: Absorb UV effectively, protect the painting surface (coating, color steel plate, cloth etc.) and human body won’t be hurt, can increase the service life.



The place of life and work: building’s interior and exterior, living room, office,conference rooms, computer rooms, lecture theaterbanquet hall, apartments, cars andso on.

The community of public entertainment and health care: hospital waiting room,wards, maternity care centers,kindergartens, pet hospitals, nursing homes, hotels,toliet, smoking room, KTV and restaurants, etc.

Spescific place: school, hotel, laboratory, food plant, livestock farms and so on.Household applicances: kitchen, restaurants, dishes, bathroom, toilet, living room,curtains, walls, ceilings, toys,furniture, storage tanks, garbage, the study, smoking
areas and other living places.

Using method


1.Please spray this product evenly by using 0.3-0.5 mm diameter spray gun.

2.When using it, please keep about 30cm away from the surface of objects and ensure the surface clean.

3.After spraying it, Please keep the sprayed objects in a light and dry place to make sure the Photocatalyst will dry as soon as possible. If the quantity of spraying is too little, please do it again.



Packaging : 1L bottle;500ml spray bottle.

Storage : keep in cool ,dry places.

Shelf life: 2 years


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