ZXL-CSH Super nano screen protection coating

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ZXL-CSH Super nano screen protection coating

ZXL-CSH Super nano screen protection coating (2020 new update)

  • ApplicationGlassGlass fibreSolar panelBuilding glassDisplay panel 、Optical lens、electronics screen、touch Screen 、Acoustic Wave Touch Panel.


ZXL-CSH Product feature

  • Extremely low friction coefficient.

The dust particles and dirt is difficult to attached to the object’s surface, to maintain the
self-cleaning of the object’s surface , while increasing the smooth degree , reducing the
friction of the fingers and object. Friction coefficient ≤0.06 by CFME

  • Low surface energy and Super Anti-dusteffect .


  • A non stick, Nano- protective coating make the objects has the strong hydrophobic

  • Anti-finger prints& Anti Graffiti


  • Anti-oil easy cleaning effect.

  • High firmness & Excellentscratch & abrasion resistance

  • Increase 2% transparency & Anti-glare


  • Strong UV aging resistance, Long durable.


The surface cleaning process:

To ensure there’s no water stain , visible particles and free of any oil .

To clean the surface of object by neutral detergent or ethanol. After cleaning,completely dry it .

Application method:

Wipe method suitable for personal easily use :

1.Pour enough liquid on the fine fabric

  1. Uniform Circle wiping on the surface.
  2. Let it air dry .

Spraying method suitable for professional & factory use :

1.Spray with normal spray gun …, Uniform spray one wet coat layer on the material.

2.Spraying should be even without liquid flow .

3.Let it air dry.


  1. Please keep away from fire as it is ethanol system.
  2. If it splashedin the eyes, please wash with water immediately.


Avoid light and airtight storage. After use, please tight the bottle and keep away from fire.


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