ZXL-CQS Nano Super-hydrophilic Self-Cleaning Coating

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Nano Super-hydrophilic Self-Cleaning Coating ,self cleaning,anti-dust,anti-rain,water film

Detailed Product Description

1. Super Hydrophilic self-cleaning function.
2. Photocatalytic funcation. Decompose organic organic pollutants &Clean air.
3. Anti-dust&Anti-static.
4. Anti-rain, keep clear version
5. UV aging resistance.
6. Colorless & Transparent nano coating.
7. Anti-Aging & Long service time , coating can last more than 3-5 years.
8. Excellent scratch resistance & High abrasion resistance .
9. Large coverage area : 60-80 squaremeters/L.
10. Non-toxic, harmless green environmentally friendly product.
11. Use very easily. Spray at normal temperature and pressure .No need Heating ,Natural drying 10-20 minutes.


ZXL-CQS Nano Self-Cleaning Coating ( Super-hydrophilic ) is a stable colorless transparent compounds and R&D by ZIXILAI, It adopts Nano tio2 Hydrophilic performance and the special surface modification technology treatments. This coating spray or dip at normal temperature and Drying about 10-30 minutes . A layer of high density Nano hydrophilic transparent film Will form on the surface of objects.
The contact angle between water and ZXL-CQS Super hydrophilic film<10°, it will make the dust and dirt down by the uniform water film and do not leave the trace of water.

The contact angel between normal glasses and water is 30-40 degree. So the glasses are easy to form a water drop and difficult to slide. During the process of water drying it will easier to adsorb dust and form dirt. This type of Nano Self-Cleaning Coating has solved that problem.

Product Standards

PRODUCT NAME Nano Super-hydrophilic self cleaning coating
Appearance Clear colourless
Odor Alcohol smell
PH Neutral
Flammability Yes
Environment Environmentally friendly
Stability Stable


Building curtain wall : Building glass, aluminum Panel, building door
windows, ceramic tiles…etc.
Vehicles:Windshield, bus windows ,Rearview mirror glass..etc.
Solar system: Solar panels , solar water heater…etc.
Public facilities : Billboards , Road mirror…etc.


Save a lot of cleaning costs.
Water saving, energy saving and low carbon effect.
Anti dust & Self cleaning.
Reduce the security risk of cleaning at heights.
Solve the facade building metope and the roof cleaning problems
Non-toxic, harmless green environmentally friendly product.
Use very easily. No need Heating ,Natural drying 10-30 minutes.


Using method

The surface cleaning process:
To clean the surface of glasses by water or ethanol.
To ensure there’s no water stain, visible particles and free of any oil.
2. After spraying ,waiting for completely natural dry about 10-20 minutes.





Inflammable liquid. Avoid contact with eyes. kept in cool dry places.Away from children.

Protection measures: latex gloves, protective glasses, etc, if it splashed in the eyes, please wash with water immediately


Kept in cool dry places.keep away from heat and flame. After use, please tight the bottle.


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